Roof Replacement in Baton Rouge

Roof Replacement Baton Rouge

Need a new roof? Garcia Roofing and Sheet Metal is the premier roofing contractor and roof replacement specialist in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the surrounding areas. Roof replacement is necessary when a majority of shingles on your roof have been compromised and a roof repair would not be sufficient.

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How Do I Know if I Need a New Roof?

Garcia Roofing can help determine if your roof needs to be replaced. One of our experienced estimators will examine your roof and provide a free re-roof estimate indicating the extent of damage and/ or wear. Contact us today and talk to one of our Roofing Specialists.

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The Roof Replacement Process:

If your roof damage is minor, a roof repair may be enough to fix the problem. However, if the damage is sustainable or in danger of creating a more serious and expensive problem, a full roof replacement may be in your best interest. When we do roof replacements in Baton Rouge, we use the following process:

  • Choose the best roofing system to meet the clients’ need for durability and appearance.
  • Remove all old shingles/tiles.
  • Make necessary repairs to the original roof decking.
  • Replace flashing and other roofing components as needed. This is usually applied to areas where leaks may occur—around the chimney, vents, etc.
  • Install proper weatherproofing and insulating underlayment.
  • Install new shingles or tiles.

We hold our roofing contractors to very high standards, and work diligently to provide our customers with superior products and services. Read about our quality guarantee.

We recently replaced a roof for a historic New Orleans home. Click here to read the story and see pictures of the job.

What Brands of Shingles Do You Install?

Garcia Roofing installs the following brands of shingles:

Do you need to file an insurance claim for a roof replacement on your Baton Rouge home? No worries! Garcia Roofing and Sheet Metal is here to help. Check out our Insurance Claim FAQs.