Roof Repairs in Baton Rouge

Roof Repair Baton Rouge

Garcia Roofing and Sheet Metal doesn't simply install new roofs, we repair damaged ones as well. In Baton Rouge and all of South Louisiana, hurricane season is a time when most roofs incur damage. Damage to shingles and flashing can allow water to leak into your house. Be proactive and our professional crew as your roofing contractor before it's too late.

About Roofing Repairs

Roof Repair Baton Rouge

Roofing repairs are necessary after damage has been caused by heavy rain, strong winds, or obstruction. We offer more than roofing repairs. Our Baton Rouge roof repair specialists can provide specific styles and materials that will waterproof your roof in order to avoid unnecessary damage altogether. You can trust the Garcia team with your routine maintenance and roof repair needs.

Signs of possible damage to your roof include, but are not limited to, water spots on the ceiling, missing shingles, and cracked flashing. If you spot any of these signs, call us, and one of our estimators will analyze your potentially damaged roof for FREE!

On the Job: Spanish Tile Roof Repair

There are few roofing materials that compare to Spanish tile. It is very durable and versatile, and brings an unmatched level of beauty to a home's exterior. Garcia Roofing recently completed a Spanish Tile roof repair job in Baton Rouge, near Goodwood Boulevard. According to the homeowner, these particular tiles were hand made in Mexico. Our client was so dedicated to obtaining the perfect Spanish look to his roof that he actually drove to Mexico to pick them up.

Garcia was called to the job for a roofing repair. Our expert roofers first removed the old, damaged tiles. Carpenter removed and replaced the rotten decking underneath. We proceeded to install a copper drip edge. To create a watertight seal, a new layer of GAF StormGuard Water & Ice Shield was applied to the new decking. New pressure treated running boards were securely fastened, and finally the beautiful handmade tiles were carefully fastened to the roof with copper nails. This roofing job illustrates Spanish tile at its very best.